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Our Mission

With having assisted clients with over 165 telesummits, our founder, Sharon Hayes, had this crazy idea:

What if we could bring together experts on a given topic who all have different perspectives and let them share their ideas, knowledge and experience in a conversational storytelling environment? Allowing you, our members, to feel like you were listening in on a private exchange where you could walk away with a broader perspective, an elevated awareness and a feeling of connection to experts you may not already have personal access to all while enjoying it from your home, office or on the go on your smart device!

Ultimately, our mission is to create life-changing experiences for our hosts, guests and attendees. We are accomplishing this by making small, yet perceptible, changes to the regular telesummit model.

You are top of mind as we curate our special online events, conversations and guest speaker invitations! Always feel free to reach out to us with suggestions on topics or experts you’d like us to feature or if you’d like to host your own telesummit.

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Services We Offer

Being a host or sponsoring a full event is an incredible way to boost the visibility of your brand. We have 3 different options to help make this happen:

  • Experts – If you’re an expert and are interested in catapulting your authority fast, hosting a telesummit may just be the ticket. It can literally result in a quantum leap in business growth. We have multiple package options that can fit every situation.
  • Influencers – Are you an influencer who has an existing audience of 200,000 or more and you’re looking for a fun, new way to monetize your audience? Read more about this option and then reach out to us if it feels like a good fit.
  • Enterprises – We can assist you in producing a top of the line online experience that will both expose your brand to new consumers as well as to elevate your existing customers to ‘super fan’ status. Many enterprises who choose to work with us want to position their telesummits as “goodwill’ events. Others simply want to have their brand elevated. When done correctly, a telesummit has the potential for viral exposure.

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